Friday, August 16, 2013

Even Gun Control Advocates Think Bloomberg Has Gone Too Far

It looks as though New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's, Mayor's Against Illegal Guns is turning off some of it's members, causing them to leave the group. Many of whom are citing their dissatisfaction with the groups abandonment of it's mission of going after illegal guns and rather attacking lawmakers who support gun rights.

I suppose there is hope that some of the blinded will find the light and see what this lunatic is trying to do to this country, as well as the constitution. Bloomberg has never been a friend of guns. His policies and position have been made clear time and time again through his actions. Despite New York City's strict gun laws, the city still has some of the highest gun violence rates in the country. Now I know we will never ever be able to persuade this guy any different, but those of us that use our own heads and not politicians' know the real reason for this. It sure isn't because law abiding gun owners are turning into crazed monsters hell bent on shooting sprees. No, it's because of the lack of enforcement, lack of prosecution, and the black market. Criminals get guns no matter what the law is. Gun control is a pacifier for the ignorant. It gives people a sense of false security and only prevents good people from getting guns.Mayor Bloomberg's mission is to take away our God given right and he won't settle for anything less.

More guns in the hands of law abiding citizens prevent crime. Wake up Bloomberg and don't tread on our Second Amendment rights. I hope your group of zombies crashes and burns, because in the end no politician has more authority than the United States Constitution.

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