Monday, March 25, 2013

Money Can't Buy Everything...

This is where members of the political world, have lost their senses. They think if they have poured enough money into an issue, then it is bound to happen. Bloomberg is currently focusing all his efforts on this fact alone.

While the assault weapons ban is to be dropped from the Senate bill, there is still the issue of Background checks. Next month, that will be the food on the table, and Congress will be forced whether to partake of the meal or not.

According to the poll from the Washington Post, 91% of the public do agree with some form of background checks. But, the NRA isn't going to listen to that, nor are they stepping down. Bloomberg thinks he can spend $12 million on advertising to keep turning the odds. For the majority of the general public, it isn't going to matter how much money you spend on ads. They want the facts and more importantly, they want to know they are not being imposed on.

Just as Wayne LaPierre, of the NRA, pointed out "He can't spend enough of his $27 billion to impose his will on the American people."

Background checks may seem like a good idea to lessen the amount of guns that reach criminals and the mentally insane. Yet, there is no real history to support the facts that this will help anything. They do background checks for many jobs but that doesn't stop the criminals or mentally unstable from infiltrating, if they choose....

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Assault Weapons Ban Dropped From Senate Gun Control Bill

The leader of the Democrat-controlled Senate on Tuesday dropped a proposed assault weapons ban from the chamber’s gun-control package – dealing a blow to supporters of the ban, though it could still come up for a vote.

The sponsor of the measure, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., revealed that Reid told her the proposed ban would not be in the initial package. Feinstein said she's "disappointed" with the decision, and is expected to nevertheless offer it as an amendment.

But the move by Reid to cut it from the main bill signals a lack of congressional support for a proposal that would not only revive, but strengthen, the decade-long ban that expired in 2004.

The proposed ban passed was passed last week by the Senate Judiciary Committee, along with three other measures. The others dealt with providing more school safety aid, expanding federal background checks on potential gun buyers and helping authorities prosecute illegal gun traffickers.

Feinstein has led the gun-control charge since President Obama called for federal legislation in the wake of the Newtown and other mass shootings.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Kansas is Being More Supportive About Self-Protection

It just keeps getting better and better. The more the federal government tries to manipulate our Second Amendment rights by force, the more our individual states through up barriers. Several states have started legislative action to include weapons in different areas as the prospect of protection weighs against the massive criminal acts we have seen.

Now, Kansas has joined the group. Both HB2055 and HB2052 passed the Kansas House of Representatives this week.

HB2055: This bill passed with an 84-38 vote and is very interesting in the least. In layman's terms, it dictates that any building with inadequate security will allow citizens with concealed carry licenses to provide self-protection. If public buildings are unsure about allowing this then they can set up a checkpoint to ensure NO ONE can enter with a weapon. On the hand they don't want to spend the extra funds to provide that security measure, then law abiding citizens can provide their own security.

This measure is set to reduce the zones that are often targeted because they are deemed 'gun-free zones' but don't actually have any security in place to ensure that a criminal doesn't get in with a weapon.

HB2052: This is the bill that many will be able to breathe a sigh of relief about and it passed with a 121-2 vote! How many times have you seen a story about someone defending themselves with a gun and being prosecuted because they did so? If you ask me, too many to count. Thus, this bills says that any citizen to discharge a firearm legally, while hunting or during self-defense, CAN NOT be prosecuted!

How refreshing is it to know that now you can defend your family from harm without winding up in cuffs afterwards? (If you reside in Kansas, that is.)

Check out more information at NRA-ILA.

Kansas is Fighting Back With Force!

Well, you can't that Kansas is going least, not anymore. As Kansas provides quite a bit of hunting grounds and plenty of gun advocates, the lawmakers have done what's needed for the people.

HB2199 is going to stir up a lot of controversy and will make way for more states to follow in their footsteps. In short the bill says that any federal government law that would inhibit the Second Amendment WILL NOT be enforceable in Kansas.

How did this pass? With a whopping 50 count difference! That's right, the last count was 94-29! I would say that's a small win for the larger battle!

But, they didn't stop there. The legislature also included specifications that, in fact, could create jobs in the state. As the economy is what it is, this will be a great benefit in the eyes of many unemployed citizens.

According to Rep. Ken Corbet, Topeka representative, having a shield that protects the basic rights of Kansans is what's important.

To read more information on this and find out how to take action in support of this action, visit here.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Texas is Taking Control

The state of Texas is rearing it's head against the Obama legislation and the attempt at destroying our Second Amendment rights. In fact, it's manipulating the new laws on many levels. Granted some of the measures will be hard pressed it put into action, their point is being made pretty clear.

Texas is a sovereign state and they're not going to let anyone tell them differently!

On Wednesday, lawmakers convened to discuss alternative options to overthrow the federal control should they get their efforts passed. One of the major discussions included was the ability to prosecute ANY law enforcement personnel that tried to persecute someone according to the federal laws. That would be an interesting concept, don't you think?

Another measure that will be taken into consideration is the legislation that originally failed in 2011. What was it? To allow registered and licensed concealed carry options on campus. The House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety is going to debate this because all of the recent shootings on campus. Whereas those against the measure believe that it will add more violence to the schools, the theory of it preventing further mass shootings, does have it's validity.

 For more information on the criminalization of federal laws-- Click Here

Information regarding the Committee is located here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mark Kelly, Another Liberal Space Case

So Mark Kelly walks into a gun shop. Sounds like the start of a joke right? Not quite. In fact the husband of former congresswoman Gabby Gifford's did just that and purchased an AR-15 in a sad attempt to show Americans how easy it is to purchase what he calls an "assault weapon."

This just goes to show how desperate he and his foundation are for publicity. Any American with half a brain can see right through his message. All his efforts did was prove that a law abiding citizen is capable of passing the NICS background check and allowed to purchase a legal semi-automatic rifle.

If Mr. Kelly wanted to prove that our background checks were flawed he should have tried something a little less, well ignorant. Had he went in with a convicted felon and said individual was allowed to purchase a firearm I may be concerned. But he couldn't do that because that individual would have left empty handed.

No matter what Mark Kelly tries. No matter what stunt he pulls off next. The fact still remains that criminals are capable of acquiring whatever firearm they want on the black market. No matter how many unenforceable laws he tries to push, he will only be making it more difficult for the law abiding citizens to acquire firearms legally.

In the words of St. George Tucker, "The right of self defense is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine the right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever...the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction."

It's time these crazy liberals start reading up on what our founders truly meant when they drafted the US Constitution.

Only YOU Can Truly Protect YOU!

The leftist media would like American's to believe that citizens are dumping their guns in droves. Even going as far as to claim that America is absolutely peaceful and their is no need for an armed society. They think that the police departments have crime under control and when threatened all you need to do is dial 911 and everything will be ok. Well I have a problem with their ill informed attempts at brainwashing my country. Relying solely on 911 would result in countless rapes, assaults, and murders. After all, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

What about rural areas that are often left unpatrolled or semi-covered by an inadequate sheriff's department. What happens when someone is trying to break into your house at 2:30 AM and the nearest deputy is only 30 miles across the county? Do you hope your locks hold out until he/she can get there? What happens if the perpetrator gains access to your home? Will your closet door be strong enough to stop them?

The utter ignorance that the mainstream media fills the uninformed minds of America with is the biggest disservice this country has ever seen. It plagues elections, decides law, and forms misguided opinions. If you are smart and if you want to ensure the safety of yourself and your family you will not fall for their false security claims. When it matters, when things really get hairy, the only person you can rely on protecting you is you. Believe it or not, it's not just gun hugging looneys buying up guns. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, all across this country are choosing to excercise their GOD GIVEN right to self defense. I advise you do the same.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Background Check Proposal Stalls in Washington House

It appears the Washington state House is struggling to push their proposal to expand background checks to private sales. On Monday they were forced to delay deliberations until at least today after they fell just a handful of votes short that would have ensured its passage.

The disruption comes despite a strong lobbying effort which included a call from Gabrielle Giffords, the former US Congresswoman that suffered a gunshot wound to the head during a shooting rampage in 2011.

Rep. Maureen Walsh, a Republican from Walla Walla who initially supported the measure withdrew her support for the bill, later stating that she acted in a reactionary way, and now doesn't feel that it's passage would help stop gun violence. This despite receiving a call from Giffords telling her to "be strong" and "be courageous."

The Democrats are finding it difficult to attain the support of Republicans in regards to this measure and I believe that Rep. Walsh hit the nail on the head. I have expressed mixed opinions on the matter, but when push comes to shove the question really is a matter of what will this do to prevent future violence committed at the hands of someone using a gun. As always, a criminal will gain access to firearms if they are dead set on it. No law will stop them.

The Democrats are now looking for ways to rework the bill to land the support of enough Republicans to get the measure passed.

Monday, March 11, 2013

If They Can Play Politics, So Can We....

As time continues and the debate heats up, the Democrats are starting to get shook up. In previous articles, we had discussed the play on words people are using in order to get what they want. Well, now the constituents are making their own plays.

The biggest question Democrats must ask themselves: To be elected or not to be elected.

Max Baucus, current U.S. Senator knows this all too well. In fact, it wasn't long ago that he faced the same choice and almost ended his career with his decision. According to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Montana "boasts more hunters per capita than any other state in the nation."

It's for this reason that even Republican's are saying it would be a monumental mistake on Baucus' part to support any of these gun control restrictions. In fact, all it would take is one time and running opponents would have the ammo needed to knock Baucus or any of the others from the West and South, right out of their seats.

That could mean a dramatic turn of events during next years election. Which also means, that for once Congress may actually pay attention to the little people.

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Congress Aims to Raise Taxes on Guns

Congress is pushing to raise taxes on firearm purchases in six states, including California, to provide more funds to gun violence programs, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The 10 percent tax increase will pay for firearm safety campaigns, anti-violence programs and gun buybacks. The raised taxes could produce tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

The tax hike would include the sale of handguns and ammunition.

Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson proposed a nickel tax added to every bullet sold in California. The money generated from this tax would pay for the treatment of children with mental illnesses.

Congress outlined the proposals after anti-smoking campaigns and health care programs that were initiated by federal, state and local governments.

The debate about raising taxes on firearms was reignited after the elementary school shootings in Newtown, Conn.

The other states that may be imposing raised taxes on guns and bullets include Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey and Washington state.

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Maine Town to Take Symbolic Vote on Mandatory Gun Ownership

By Sarah Mahoney

DURHAM, Maine (Reuters) - Residents of a Maine town are expected to vote on Monday on whether each household should be required to own a firearm, a decision that has thrust the tiny town of Byron into the heated national debate on gun control.

The vote is scheduled to take place on Monday evening in a potentially rancorous annual town meeting for the rural western Maine town's 140 residents, and will be largely symbolic.

The town's head selectman says the vast majority of households in Byron already have at least one gun, and a requirement to possess guns and ammunition would be unenforceable because Maine law bars municipalities from legislating on firearms.

"It was never my intention to force anyone to own a gun who doesn't want to. My purpose was to make a statement in support of the Second Amendment (to the U.S. Constitution)," said head selectman Anne Simmons-Edmund, who proposed the ordinance and said it would be put for a vote on Monday.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Issue is Not a Coat of Paint

What is the number one rule of gun ownership? When not in use, keep them locked up, away from ammunition. Why do I bring this up, because I just read an article from another gun owner who happens to be a toymaker. He explains that in his industry toy companies are heavily regulated when it comes to fake guns. They are required by law to use "blaze orange" barrel plugs or distinctive markings so they are not mistaken for real firearms. He goes on to talk about pink firearms, and how he is appalled that firearms manufacturers are not held to the same standard as toymakers in regards to appearances. In his opinion it is wrong that toy guns can't look like real guns, but real guns can look like toy guns. Citing an example in which a 3-year old boy was killed when he and his sister were playing with a handgun that was kept in the house by his mother. In that case the children thought it was a toy.

Although the author poses some good points I disagree with him completely. The issue is not the appearance of the gun, instead a lack of responsible gun ownership. I have two small children, and in my state I am required to have two locks to access my weapons, one being the front door, and two my safe. If I leave a firearm accessible to my children and god forbid something happens, I will pay the consequences judicially as well as personally. If I am not carrying my weapon on me, then it goes in the safe. It is simply the responsible thing to do.

A child should never have the opportunity to confuse a real firearm for a fake one. Pink, purple, or black they need to be locked up or in the case of concealed carry permit holders, on your person at all times. If you think your safe takes to much time to access, purchase a biometric safe. People who cannot respect the importance of responsible gun ownership, should not own firearms, period, and those that are negligent, should be punished, to the full extent of the law.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Internet Provides More than They May Be Able to Handle...

Over the past few days, I have been doing some thinking in regards to all the discussions around the governments new stance on guns. Their restrictions anyways. I have one question to ask......

Are they going to add monitoring the internet to their job roles?

They want to add more laws when they can't enforce old ones because they don't have all the manpower, so are they willing to add more work to their jobs? Let's say that the get this new law passed and all of a sudden our guns are altered and taken off the shelves.

What will stop the criminal from altering the weapons they can legally own? Of course, it's not that easy to do......but when is a criminals job ever easy? When I was in high school, I participated in Debate and Forensics. One subject that year was about Weapons of Mass Destruction. You know what we did?

Well, we researched. Granted we weren't criminals and we weren't looking to harm anyone, but do you know how easy it was for us to get instructions on how to make a bomb?? If a high school student can do it, then it doesn't take a genius to find the sites.

Now that you have thought about that, I bet you can guess what I did....If you think I looked online to see how many sites talked about converting guns, you are right. In about 5 minutes with a number of different keystrokes and keywords, I stumbled across over 100 results. Obviously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist.

If these new laws go through, all it means is more criminals are going to visit the vast world of the world wide web and they are just going to find different ways to convert weapons they already own. After all, they figured out ways to make homemade silencers among other things.

Moral of the story: Big Brother can't do their jobs correctly now, how can they add responsibilities and expect to do their job any better?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Are We Going To Far?

According to the Indiana News today, a teacher is being investigated for a....well, complicated message. If you listen to parents that used to be students, it was normal for this teacher to act like this. The message read:

1. You are idiots!!!!!!!!
2. The guns are loaded!!!
3. Care to try me ?????????

Now, if we hadn't had all these random shootings, would this message be alarming? What did the teacher really mean? When I was in school, this message would have simply meant that we were going to be piled with homework and we had to make up for whatever we did wrong.

Apparently now, it means that he is having a meltdown and might shoot up the school that he has worked diligently at for 28 years.

Although they do not believe so, the cops are investigating this act to see if there was an alternative message within those words. But, when does this stop? When do we stop looking over our shoulder or trying to interpret every little thing that gets said??

Honestly, if a teacher was going to open fire on a classroom, the last thing they would do is publicize the act. It's like someone with severe depression and suicide issues, the ones that are in real trouble are the quiet ones. Sure they may leave some letter or write in a diary to explain it all, but they aren't going to tell someone beforehand. That would defeat the purpose.

Of course, this isn't to say it never happens or to condone any such act.....but it is to note, that a person's personality should be taken into account... Whether or not the person has made claims like that in the past with a separate meaning....

Anything is possible, but acting like every individual is the enemy doesn't help, it just creates a giant snowball of panic...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Businesses Are Playing Roulette With Democrats

Things just get more and more interesting. Now it's not just the people that are disagreeing with these new 'bills' but businesses are getting more involved as well. One specific state of concern is Colorado. Legislature has been considering the new laws regarding excess rounds and such, but one company has put a halt on the direct discussion.

An ex-Marine started this company, by the name of Magpul, that produces the magazines and weaponry the government is about to ban. Of course, the company is not happy with it, as it will effect their sales. So, they have told the government that if they do in fact make this ban, Magpul will move the company out of state. Normally, you could ask why this would bother the lawmakers. After all, it's just one company and there are still others available.

If Magpul were to move, it would put around 400 and possibly more people out of work. This even includes subcontractors...That's quite a bit of jobs, especially when things like Unemployment Benefits are possibly being cut.

What makes it even more scary, is that other states have told the company that they would be happy to have them along for the ride. After all, who wouldn't want a company that can project a net of $85 million!!

In response to this ultimatum, Democrats have come back and told the company they can still produce the larger magazines, BUT they can only be sold out-of-state, to the military or to the officers.

Almost making them sound like hypocrites. Magpul has released that sometimes their larger rounds wind up all the way in California, which have limits of 10 instead of 15. SO, if they are still being made, produced and sent elsewhere then why wouldn't they just make their way back to Colorado? Or you can think of it this way: it's OKAY for another state to have the larger rounds that everyone is afraid of, but not OKAY for Colorado? Does that even make sense? In fact, I'm sure other Democrats in separate states might be a little taken aback by the fact that Colorado Democrats hold themselves higher than others.

What I can say is that if ONE company can make lawmakers jump through hoops, then why don't all the businesses do the same? I wouldn't mind watching more government squirm...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mr. Biden Didn't Get It Completely Wrong This Time...

"They're looking to build roadblocks," Biden said. "They say it isn't about guns - they're just wrong, it is about guns."

So, this is Biden's new approach to getting people to change their minds. Does he not realize, that although the words have changed, it's still the same thing? I bet what else he doesn't realize, is with that statement, he as fed opportunity to those of us against gun control laws.


With the same thing that the house of Republicans are now asking questions about. The previous laws on guns. We did discuss this earlier this week, but I think it is a subject that really needs looking at. And with the House on board and asking questions now, it's even more important.

A total of 23 Representatives sent a letter to the President and the Attorney General requesting that they release about 11 years of data regarding the prosecution of firearm crimes. Some of the information they attained, was pretty astounding.

In fact, in 2010 there were only 62 prosecutions that came from around 4,700 applications sent off for investigation. Now, how many actually believe that ONLY 62 actually needed prosecuting out of the much larger number? Yeah, as I tell my kids: 2+2 is not equaling 4 there.

Even the letter written and signed by the house brings up the point that it is impudent to start new laws when the old ones are being prosecuted. It means that many of the guns out there today are held by criminals and possibly even the mentally unstable because we are letting people get away with whatever they want. If you want a law to be effective then you actually have to get up and do something about it, not just weigh society down with yet another law that the officials are going to continue to ignore.

Well, Mr. Biden I want to thank you for bringing up an excellent point in our debate. You are partially right, it is about guns.....the prosecution of guns that is! Get the Attorney General to do his job and I bet the gun violence prevention will rise on it's own without sacrificing our Second Amendment Rights! :)