Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arizona Governor Puts a Plan Into Action That Doesn't Fare Well

There have been many arguments in Arizona over the regulation of seized and voluntarily surrendered weapons. The confusion occurs because of a legislation that requires police to sell seized weapons to legitimate dealers and current legislation from the Governor that wants them destroyed. You can see where the problem lies...

Why destroy legitimate guns and sell confiscated ones? It doesn't make much sense and does seem like a waste of time and money. Thus, the people are arguing that destroying weapons oversteps boundaries and should in fact, be resold much like the confiscated ones.

For some counties that pay cash for the voluntarily surrendered weapons, it would be a way for them to make that money back.

While the bills and veto's are still open to interpretation, you can read the full article and get a say so in here.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

W.Va. Teen Arrested After 'Almost Inciting Riot' Wearing NRA Shirt to School

A West Virginia teen arrested and accused of nearly inciting a riot after a confrontation with a teacher over his National Rifle Association t-shirt has inspired dozens of students across his county to wear similar apparel in solidarity.

Jared Marcum, 14, had a confrontation Thursday with a Logan Middle School teacher over his NRA t-shirt, which bears the organization's logo, along with an image of a hunting rifle and the phrase, "Protect your right."

Marcum's lawyer, Ben White, said that when the teen was told to remove the shirt or turn it inside out, he attempted to engage the teacher in a debate.

"Jared respects firearms and has training to use them, and believes in the Second Amendment," White told ABCNews.com. "He believes it's being threatened by current legislation. He wore [the shirt] as an expression of political speech and the need to protect the Second Amendment."

White said that Marcum had been wearing the shirt without causing any problems from homeroom at the beginning of the school day through fifth period, and was confronted by one of the school's teachers while getting his lunch. When Jared refused to remove or reverse the shirt, the teacher began to raise his voice, and it caught the attention of students eating their lunch, White said.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday's Just Got More Interesting...

While watching TV today, I saw something that would be good to share. Besides, wanted to do something outside the political facet of our gun stance today. :)

CMT is featuring a new show called, Guntucky. The previews look pretty interesting as a family, heavily attracted to guns and puts them to use. I'm actually surprised with all of this debate, that they would air this... Then again, I'm guessing they were assured to have plenty of viewers!

So, if you didn't know about the show, you should check it out! I know I will be viewing the first episode to see what secrets it may hold!

USAToday goes a bit further into the previews!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Legal BUT Generally Illegal.....WHAT sense does that make?

Fox News has enlightened to a nice, new piece of laughter from the parts of government that would like tighter gun laws. Even though it seems to have calmed down, the storm is still brewing. Especially, on the singular level.

Colorado and New York legislators have enacted their newest gun laws, which include registration and restrictions on the number of bullets in magazines. These are only a few of the statutes within the new laws they are putting into action.

While the NRA is not going to stand back and let this occur on a state's level either, they do propose abiding by the laws until things change. So, anyone in New York with the new 'assault weapons' needs to register them by the years end. Fortunately, the NRA does plan to fight that, as soon as they finish fighting the magazine statutes.

Alright, enough with the background information, it's time to laugh. Ready?

Per Fox News "acknowledging that manufacturers don't make seven-bullet magazines, the Cuomo administration and New York lawmakers amended their law on March 29, keeping 10-bullet magazines legal but generally illegal to load them with more than seven bullets"

"Legal by generally illegal"...... in the 'general' view this doesn't make much sense. But, I could see from the legal or political point of view. It really leaves it up to interpretation depending on who is the person in charge..... How fair is that? Let's not even think about the fact that it wouldn't be hard to circumvent this gaping hole....

To Read More: Fox News

Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Proposed Garbage Legislation

So stricter background checks are the answer to all our problems? Forget about the fact that our government routinely fails to enforce existing gun control laws or the fact the NICS already has a hard time keeping up with the workload. This feel good legislation will do nothing to stop criminals from getting their hands on guns while tightening the reins on law abiding citizens and their purchases. Refusing to back down, democrats and other anti-gun lawmakers are struggling to salvage the last breath of tighter gun control by coming up with a bill that does nothing.

The incompetence of congress to ask the right questions and target the proper arenas, is sickening to me. What are we doing about mental health shortfalls? From reporting to treatment, mental health care is despicable in this country. Politicians are attempting to close the gun show loophole and are pushing even further by seeking background checks for internet sales. Wait a second, aren't all internet sales transferred to a FFL who then must do a background check before releasing the firearm? Yes they are. These morons are talking about ads people place online, who then meet in person to conduct the transaction. That isn't an internet sale, that is a private face to face sale. I know personally if I am selling a firearm and I feel even the slightest suspicion about the individual, I'm not selling. Why aren't we holding the people who are selling firearms to criminals responsible? What about straw purchases? What about the black market? What about firearms thefts?

Clearly our government is wasting too much time playing politics, and not enough time finding a real solution. It's time these people wake up, stop blaming guns for their incompetence, and start doing the right thing. Law abiding citizens aren't the problem, criminals and the government bureaucracy are.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

L.D. 265: Maine Lawmakers Attacking Law Abiding Gun Owners

For a couple of weeks now I have sat back and watched as politicians across the nation, both at the state as well as the federal level play Russian roulette with our Second Amendment rights. Yesterday I found out that L.D. 265, sponsored by Sen. Stan Gerzofsky, D-Brunswick, would repeal a 2011 law in the state of Maine that prohibited employers from barring employees with concealed-handgun permits from leaving concealed handguns in their cars at workplaces.

The 2011 law was common sense. Citizens who have been screened and deemed worthy of having a concealed weapon permit through the state police or other law enforcement entity should not be required to leave their firearms at home. Even if they never have to remove their firearm from their vehicle and use it at work what about the ride to and from? What about the stop at the grocery store? If this bill passes, it in effect castrates concealed permit holders and leaves them unarmed by irresponsible legislation.

According to Gerzofsky, who is also the co-chairman of the Legislature's Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, "We are fixing a problem last year that didn't exist."

This is nothing more than a sad attempt by a democrat to once again scratch at the surface of violating state and federal constitutional rights. We aren't talking about criminals. We are talking about trained and permitted law abiding citizens. Gerzofsky and his supporters need to take this bill and burn it, before they start striking matches dangerously close to U.S. Constitution.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Is A Government Conspiracy Growing?

Many questions are arising as stores seem to be lacking ammunition these days. Many stores are even taking extra precautions because of the mass fear and thus action of legitimate gun-owners. With these new concerns, some are raising questions about the government being behind some of these efforts.

It may be that we have beaten the original bans through the Senate, but that hasn't stopped people from being scared for their rights. As we all know, there is NO shortage of conspiracy theories out there and a new one has consumed many. Ideally, the theory is a way of saying, the government doesn't play fair.

Stores like Dick's Sporting Goods have put up lines and enforced a 'ticket' counter for people wanting to buy rounds. Some stores have even been limiting the amount you can purchase. Why? Obviously, the chains are being completely emptied of their stock.

Thus, who's buying it all? Are they truly legitimate or (like usual) are some criminals sneaking their way into the lines? Is the government using 'snakey' measures to make sure the ammunition supplies slowly disintegrate, enforcing their love of taking away this right? After all, the war still reigns over what they can actually do....Just because they don't go through the government doesn't mean they don't have people all over, walking into stores and doing their best to buy everything......

Hmmmmmmm....... Got to love conspiracy theories!

If you would like to read more on this impending concern of ammunition, click here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Senate, NRA and Obama Administration....Who makes it out?

There is now a measure of gun control that the Senate and the NRA are in agreement on where they stand. Both are far against the Obama Administration. What could this be?

Well, amazingly it has to do with the U.N. and one of it's most recent decisions. Simply put, they have enacted a treaty regulating the multibillion-dollar international arms trade. Now it makes sense, right? The fact that the Obama Administration would agree to this.

On the Senate's hand, they have already made an addition to the budget proposal in order to prevent the US from participating with the Treaty. Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi has already stated that an action from the President on this, such as signing the treaty, would be pointless because the Senate won't ratify it.

This isn't to control the domestic use of weapons but it doesn't require establishing national regulations in regards to arms trades.

This is not something new and the U.N. has been working hard at making the treaty work for everyone. The main goal is an attempt to make it harder for terrorists, insurgents and many others to get their hands on the weapons. Would it work?

If you would like to read more from the U.N. or Senate on this, click here.