Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Take on The George Zimmerman Case

It isn't about black or white, and it most definately isn't about hate. The George Zimmerman trial was a very low point in our criminal justice system. A man who set out to help protect his gated community from a rash of burglaries fell victim to an unfortunate situation that led to the death of a 17 year old black teen.

A case that has headlined the news for well over a year, there weren't many American's who hadn't at least heard about the case. Now that the trial has finished and the verdict of not guilty has been read, protestors all over the country are struggling to make sense of everything. Unfortunately, the majority of these people suffer from a lack of information.

Gone are the days of innocent until proven guilty. Thanks to the media and their terrible reporting, too many people declared Zimmerman finished before the trial even began. However if you had followed the case from start to finish. Listened to the evidence and the facts. One could not conclude that this was an instance of racial profiling that led to second degree murder. In fact it was so bad, that I have to wonder why the prosecution even charged Zimmerman. The media fueled rage and that pressure forced the prosecutions hand.

It is a god given right of all American's to be able to protect and defend themselves against the imminant threat of serious bodily harm. Zimmerman, although foolish for following Martin, found himself on the receiving end of a vicious assault. With his head being smashed into the pavement and fearing for his life he made a decision that nobody who carries a firearm wants to make, he drew his weapon and fired a shot that proved fatal for Trayvon Martin.

Some say Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon because he was black, but he did nothing different then anyone else would do given the circumstances. A gated community that had suffered from numerous break ins by African American persons, one would be foolish to look the other way if they saw someone fitting the description walking through their streets late at night. Had the suspect of the break ins been white, and Zimmerman followed and defended himself against a white person would we standing here today even discussing this? No. The power of the NAACP to make mountains out of mole hills and fuel animosity between the races is sickening. It is 2013, not 1960. Racism still exists, but not to the extent the NAACP would like you to believe.

The justice system worked the way it was designed during this case and an innocent man was set free. It is unfortunate that Trayvon Martin is not with us, but it was he, and he alone that made the decision to turn a peaceful situation into a violent one. Had he just kept walking, none of this would have happened. George Zimmerman excercised his Second Amendment right and that is the only thing he is guilty of.

The federal government is now looking at whether it should charge Zimmerman with federal hate crimes. A huge display of grasping for straws, especially by Eric Holder whose department is guilty of letting thousands of firearms illegally cross the border into Mexico that later were used to kill both Mexican and Americans alike. I say the feds have no right sticking their noses in this case, just like they have no right sticking their fingers in my gun safe.

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