Monday, February 20, 2017

Grunt Me - Your Tactical and Survival Gear Headquarters

It's scary times in the world we live in these days. Wars are being fought worldwide in the name of religion and innocent people are dying as a result of the insanity. We as American's have been relatively lucky up until now. As we go on living our lives, the world around us grows crazier by the day. It would be naïve to think that we will always be safe in our homes, after all that is why many of us exercise our second amendment rights in the first place.

Just as important as it is to fight for our rights to keep our second amendment rights, so isn't preparing ourselves in other ways for when SHTF. In the event of social unrest, a natural disaster, or a total collapse of society you need to be prepared. Weapons such as firearms and knives are important, but you are also going to need a stockpile of food, water, medical supplies, and a secure shelter.

Grunt Me was created with all that and more in mind. We scour the internet for some of the best tactical and survival gear available and centralize it in one easy to find location. Whether you are an active or retired military member, law enforcement officer, or hardcore survivalist and prepper, Grunt Me has something for you.