Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Proposed Garbage Legislation

So stricter background checks are the answer to all our problems? Forget about the fact that our government routinely fails to enforce existing gun control laws or the fact the NICS already has a hard time keeping up with the workload. This feel good legislation will do nothing to stop criminals from getting their hands on guns while tightening the reins on law abiding citizens and their purchases. Refusing to back down, democrats and other anti-gun lawmakers are struggling to salvage the last breath of tighter gun control by coming up with a bill that does nothing.

The incompetence of congress to ask the right questions and target the proper arenas, is sickening to me. What are we doing about mental health shortfalls? From reporting to treatment, mental health care is despicable in this country. Politicians are attempting to close the gun show loophole and are pushing even further by seeking background checks for internet sales. Wait a second, aren't all internet sales transferred to a FFL who then must do a background check before releasing the firearm? Yes they are. These morons are talking about ads people place online, who then meet in person to conduct the transaction. That isn't an internet sale, that is a private face to face sale. I know personally if I am selling a firearm and I feel even the slightest suspicion about the individual, I'm not selling. Why aren't we holding the people who are selling firearms to criminals responsible? What about straw purchases? What about the black market? What about firearms thefts?

Clearly our government is wasting too much time playing politics, and not enough time finding a real solution. It's time these people wake up, stop blaming guns for their incompetence, and start doing the right thing. Law abiding citizens aren't the problem, criminals and the government bureaucracy are.

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