Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Legal BUT Generally Illegal.....WHAT sense does that make?

Fox News has enlightened to a nice, new piece of laughter from the parts of government that would like tighter gun laws. Even though it seems to have calmed down, the storm is still brewing. Especially, on the singular level.

Colorado and New York legislators have enacted their newest gun laws, which include registration and restrictions on the number of bullets in magazines. These are only a few of the statutes within the new laws they are putting into action.

While the NRA is not going to stand back and let this occur on a state's level either, they do propose abiding by the laws until things change. So, anyone in New York with the new 'assault weapons' needs to register them by the years end. Fortunately, the NRA does plan to fight that, as soon as they finish fighting the magazine statutes.

Alright, enough with the background information, it's time to laugh. Ready?

Per Fox News "acknowledging that manufacturers don't make seven-bullet magazines, the Cuomo administration and New York lawmakers amended their law on March 29, keeping 10-bullet magazines legal but generally illegal to load them with more than seven bullets"

"Legal by generally illegal"...... in the 'general' view this doesn't make much sense. But, I could see from the legal or political point of view. It really leaves it up to interpretation depending on who is the person in charge..... How fair is that? Let's not even think about the fact that it wouldn't be hard to circumvent this gaping hole....

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