Friday, April 5, 2013

Is A Government Conspiracy Growing?

Many questions are arising as stores seem to be lacking ammunition these days. Many stores are even taking extra precautions because of the mass fear and thus action of legitimate gun-owners. With these new concerns, some are raising questions about the government being behind some of these efforts.

It may be that we have beaten the original bans through the Senate, but that hasn't stopped people from being scared for their rights. As we all know, there is NO shortage of conspiracy theories out there and a new one has consumed many. Ideally, the theory is a way of saying, the government doesn't play fair.

Stores like Dick's Sporting Goods have put up lines and enforced a 'ticket' counter for people wanting to buy rounds. Some stores have even been limiting the amount you can purchase. Why? Obviously, the chains are being completely emptied of their stock.

Thus, who's buying it all? Are they truly legitimate or (like usual) are some criminals sneaking their way into the lines? Is the government using 'snakey' measures to make sure the ammunition supplies slowly disintegrate, enforcing their love of taking away this right? After all, the war still reigns over what they can actually do....Just because they don't go through the government doesn't mean they don't have people all over, walking into stores and doing their best to buy everything......

Hmmmmmmm....... Got to love conspiracy theories!

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