Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Choosing What to Believe: Brainwashing America

For every blog like mine, promoting the legal ownership of firearms in the United States, there is without a doubt another, screaming for the government to take them all away. As I read over several of these blogs in the past couple of days the primary argument is that we need to prevent another Sandy Hook shooting from ever happening again. I for one agree that we as a nation need to work hard to do just that, but as I have said numerous times in the last few days, taking guns away or creating new gun control regulations that prevent the average law abiding citizen from purchasing a firearm without jumping through an encyclopedia of bureaucratic hoops, won't solve the problem.

I've noticed liberals are quick to point fingers and blame guns for all the violence in this country. However when educated and experienced people confront those same individuals with statistics and hard facts they refuse to hear or believe what sits in front of them. They live in a world of denial and fantasy. They believe that government is the one size fits all security system and that they know what is best for us so we should not question it. It frustrates me to no avail that President Obama was reelected for a second term. It is no secret that he doesn't like guns and wants to restrict them to the best of his ability. During the election I told everybody I know, just remember he will never have to face the voters again. In his second term President Obama can fight tirelessly without fear of what his choices will mean to you and I. He and the rest of the democratic party had their minds made up before those 20 young children and 6 adults parished. They knew what direction they wanted to take before the psychopath in Aurora, Colarado had even loaded his first bullet.

The events that have unfortunately occured this year are simply political ammo to the democrats. Every time one of these shootings take place they know it is just another reason for them to put their agenda in place, and it sickens me. So in the unlikely event that Obama and rest of his party get what they want, I have to wonder, what happens when their agenda fails miserably as they have been warned time and time again? What happens when murders rise, crime increases, and the police lose control of our cities? What happens when innocent families lose loved ones because the government said they alone would protect them? Will the democrats and the President admit their mistake or will they hide behind another flood of lies to avoid accepting any fault? It shocks me that our elected officials can work so tirelessly at disarming its citizens, but can barely focus any energy on reducing their wasteful spending and reducing the deficit. I'm just glad that the government of today didn't write our constitution, because if they had I wouldn't be here today to write about it.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
-Benjamin Franklin

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