Monday, December 17, 2012

NRA's Facebook Page Vanishes

Following the horrific shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, the NRA's Facebook page disappeared according to an article on Yahoo news. It is my understanding that following the heartbreaking tragedy, the NRA's page was inundated by messages venting frustration with them. It appears that due to the negative feedback the NRA took steps to hide their page.

Comments ranged from "More blood on the NRA today" to "20 more dead, mostly children. When you will you start saying it's not the guns but the man?"

Just like every other American with a soul, I too am outraged the by sick individual that committed this incomprehensible crime. I also understand that an angered nation is looking for someone or something to point the fingers at. The NRA surely is used to taking its fair share of punches when it comes to tragedies like this, and rightfully so. They are the largest pro gun organization around. Unfortunately though, playing the blame game and shouting at the NRA doesn't change what happened. It doesn't put police officers on the streets where they need to be, or fix budget cuts choking cities across the country. Gun ownership is our right as American's, just like freedom of speech, or a right to a speedy trial, the list goes on and on. Our country was built on freedom, and using an event such as this to strip us of more freedom solves nothing. Leaving millions of American's defenseless against the evils of the world is in my opinion, cruel and unusual punishment. Another right guaranteed by the constitution.

I think it is time our politicians take a page out of Isreal and Thailand's book, where the threat of school violence is high. In those countries, instead of taking guns away from their citizens, they gave more guns to potential victims. In fact teachers in those countries now carry concealed firearms while on the job. In the worst areas, teachers were even given free guns.

Israel has already learned the tragic consequences of victim disarmament. Israeli citizens were told they couldn't possess firearms, that the government would protect them. Then came numerous horrible massacres in the 1970s. Israel corrected their mistake.

I truly hope that our government doesn't tread down the path that Isreal did way back then. The truth is the world is even more sick and twisted then it was back then. We need to focus on issues such as better access to mental health treatment, strengthening our police forces, and tighter security in schools. It's time America stops pointing fingers at the NRA and other pro gun groups, and starts focusing the the real issues.

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