Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No guns in America: An Unstoppable Government

I am a big fan of NBC's hit show Revolution. For those of you who have not watched it, it's basically about what our country would be like if the electricity stopped working. Government and society collapse, then militias start taking over. The militias on the show however aren't what you would call, in the best interest of the people. Instead powerful and violent criminals become leaders and people start dying when they protest.

Throughout the series you learn that under the militia's law firearms are illegal unless you are a member of the militia, punishable by death. As a result you are left with a corrupt "government" free to do as they wish without any threat of serious resistance. Normal citizens are left with the basics of weapons, sticks, stones, bows and arrows, knives. When rebels face off against the militia, they of course stand no chance of victory, and suffer defeat. The people live in fear, and this fear keeps them in line.

Too often we witness American's screaming for a prohibition on guns. "Ban them all" they say without actually evaluating the consequences of such a decision. Our government was established with a series of checks and balances. The second amendment was established to protect the people if those checks and balances fail. It is important that all American's understand the necessity of the second amendment no matter the century to ensure that our government doesn't gain the power to become the Britain of 1775.

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