Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Piers Morgan Attacks GOA Director, Obama Assembles Panel

Piers Morgan has proven just how incapable he is of having a serious, productive debate about firearms in America. On his show "Piers Morgan Tonight," he invited several guests on to discuss gun control including Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America. Approximately two and a half minutes into the interview Morgan started to make it clear that despite asking the questions, he had no interest in the answers that Mr. Pratt was trying to offer. Cutting his guest off and talking over him time and time again Piers continued to let the viewers know just how he wanted to see things with little to no respect for Mr. Pratt's views. Piers Morgan is an imbecile. I think the most shocking comment made by Morgan during the interview, or should I say personal attack, was "You're an unbelievably STUPID man aren't you!?" I do give props to Mr. Pratt for having the backbone to go on Morgan's show, but clearly arguing with a fool who is open to nothing but his own foolish opinions is pointless. If you would like to view the whole interview check it out on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Understanding the frustration of American's fed up with the violence is important. When a tragedy is fresh in people's minds they respond with emotions, not with forethought and intelligent fact finding. It is obvious that because the Sandy Hook shooting involved a semi-automatic rifle with high capacity magazines the obvious response from those angered is to ban those weapons. Sure Obama is sticking a little tid bit in about mental health care access but let's be realistic. The atttack on ARs, semi-automatic firearms, and magazines that hold more than ten bullets is on. If the Obama administration and other anti-gunners have it their way they will strip us of every weapon possible to defend ourselves and our families. They will criminally rewrite the Constitution of the United States of America and dictate every aspect of our lives.

Already in response to Sandy Hook, President Obama has assembled a panel to evaluate new ways to implement gun control. He wishes to find ways to evaluate individuals psychological health prior to gaining access to a firearm. Additionally he wants to look at television, movies, and video games in relation to gun violence. Headed by Vice President Joe Biden, I already think this "panel" is traveling down a slippery slope. Obama wants progress in just one month, with voting on new issues in congress next year. Emotional decisions are going to be made. Liberty's are going to be stolen. America is going to be divided.

It seems to me the decisions are already made. How can a panel, in just one month decide a better way to control guns without violating the Second Amendment? Why aren't we working to better enforce existing gun laws? How come our government, in the 21st century, fails hundreds of thousands of American's with mental health issues but can manage to support an unsustainable welfare system and provide free cell phones to those milking the system? Gun control isn't a debate to anti-gun liberals, it's an agenda that they believe will pass whether the American people support it or not, because after all, the government knows all the answers, and they are here to protect us.

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