Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gun Control is Counterproductive says Harvard Study

The age old theory that less guns equates to less death and more guns equates to more death has been proven wrong according to a Harvard Study. Professor Don Kates and Professor Gary Mauser conducted the exhaustive study of American and European gun laws and violence rates. According to the study:

"Nations with stringent anti-gun laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those that do not. The study found that the nine European nations with the lowest rates of gun ownership (5,000 or fewer guns per 100,000 population) have a combined murder rate three times higher than that of the nine nations with the highest rates of gun ownership (at least 15,000 guns per 100,000 population)."

An example would be that of Norway, which possesses the highest gun ownership rate in Western Europe, yet holds the lowest Murder rate. Holland on the other hand possesses nearly the worst murder rate, despite having the lowest gun ownership rate in Western Europe. Additionally Sweden and Denmark both have high murder rates and extremely low gun rates.

It is clear then if the mantra "less guns, less death, more guns, more death" was in fact correct, then this study would show the facts to support the claim, but it does not. Government taking action to reduce or eliminate guns in our country would do more damage then good. It would leave innocent citizens with no way to protect themselves and give criminals more incentive to act out. This study, was just one more piece of proof that what anti-gunners are preaching is baseless and dangerous to the well being of the United States of America.


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