Friday, March 1, 2013

Mr. Biden Didn't Get It Completely Wrong This Time...

"They're looking to build roadblocks," Biden said. "They say it isn't about guns - they're just wrong, it is about guns."

So, this is Biden's new approach to getting people to change their minds. Does he not realize, that although the words have changed, it's still the same thing? I bet what else he doesn't realize, is with that statement, he as fed opportunity to those of us against gun control laws.


With the same thing that the house of Republicans are now asking questions about. The previous laws on guns. We did discuss this earlier this week, but I think it is a subject that really needs looking at. And with the House on board and asking questions now, it's even more important.

A total of 23 Representatives sent a letter to the President and the Attorney General requesting that they release about 11 years of data regarding the prosecution of firearm crimes. Some of the information they attained, was pretty astounding.

In fact, in 2010 there were only 62 prosecutions that came from around 4,700 applications sent off for investigation. Now, how many actually believe that ONLY 62 actually needed prosecuting out of the much larger number? Yeah, as I tell my kids: 2+2 is not equaling 4 there.

Even the letter written and signed by the house brings up the point that it is impudent to start new laws when the old ones are being prosecuted. It means that many of the guns out there today are held by criminals and possibly even the mentally unstable because we are letting people get away with whatever they want. If you want a law to be effective then you actually have to get up and do something about it, not just weigh society down with yet another law that the officials are going to continue to ignore.

Well, Mr. Biden I want to thank you for bringing up an excellent point in our debate. You are partially right, it is about guns.....the prosecution of guns that is! Get the Attorney General to do his job and I bet the gun violence prevention will rise on it's own without sacrificing our Second Amendment Rights! :)

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