Friday, March 15, 2013

Kansas is Fighting Back With Force!

Well, you can't that Kansas is going least, not anymore. As Kansas provides quite a bit of hunting grounds and plenty of gun advocates, the lawmakers have done what's needed for the people.

HB2199 is going to stir up a lot of controversy and will make way for more states to follow in their footsteps. In short the bill says that any federal government law that would inhibit the Second Amendment WILL NOT be enforceable in Kansas.

How did this pass? With a whopping 50 count difference! That's right, the last count was 94-29! I would say that's a small win for the larger battle!

But, they didn't stop there. The legislature also included specifications that, in fact, could create jobs in the state. As the economy is what it is, this will be a great benefit in the eyes of many unemployed citizens.

According to Rep. Ken Corbet, Topeka representative, having a shield that protects the basic rights of Kansans is what's important.

To read more information on this and find out how to take action in support of this action, visit here.

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