Saturday, March 2, 2013

Businesses Are Playing Roulette With Democrats

Things just get more and more interesting. Now it's not just the people that are disagreeing with these new 'bills' but businesses are getting more involved as well. One specific state of concern is Colorado. Legislature has been considering the new laws regarding excess rounds and such, but one company has put a halt on the direct discussion.

An ex-Marine started this company, by the name of Magpul, that produces the magazines and weaponry the government is about to ban. Of course, the company is not happy with it, as it will effect their sales. So, they have told the government that if they do in fact make this ban, Magpul will move the company out of state. Normally, you could ask why this would bother the lawmakers. After all, it's just one company and there are still others available.

If Magpul were to move, it would put around 400 and possibly more people out of work. This even includes subcontractors...That's quite a bit of jobs, especially when things like Unemployment Benefits are possibly being cut.

What makes it even more scary, is that other states have told the company that they would be happy to have them along for the ride. After all, who wouldn't want a company that can project a net of $85 million!!

In response to this ultimatum, Democrats have come back and told the company they can still produce the larger magazines, BUT they can only be sold out-of-state, to the military or to the officers.

Almost making them sound like hypocrites. Magpul has released that sometimes their larger rounds wind up all the way in California, which have limits of 10 instead of 15. SO, if they are still being made, produced and sent elsewhere then why wouldn't they just make their way back to Colorado? Or you can think of it this way: it's OKAY for another state to have the larger rounds that everyone is afraid of, but not OKAY for Colorado? Does that even make sense? In fact, I'm sure other Democrats in separate states might be a little taken aback by the fact that Colorado Democrats hold themselves higher than others.

What I can say is that if ONE company can make lawmakers jump through hoops, then why don't all the businesses do the same? I wouldn't mind watching more government squirm...

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