Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Issue is Not a Coat of Paint

What is the number one rule of gun ownership? When not in use, keep them locked up, away from ammunition. Why do I bring this up, because I just read an article from another gun owner who happens to be a toymaker. He explains that in his industry toy companies are heavily regulated when it comes to fake guns. They are required by law to use "blaze orange" barrel plugs or distinctive markings so they are not mistaken for real firearms. He goes on to talk about pink firearms, and how he is appalled that firearms manufacturers are not held to the same standard as toymakers in regards to appearances. In his opinion it is wrong that toy guns can't look like real guns, but real guns can look like toy guns. Citing an example in which a 3-year old boy was killed when he and his sister were playing with a handgun that was kept in the house by his mother. In that case the children thought it was a toy.

Although the author poses some good points I disagree with him completely. The issue is not the appearance of the gun, instead a lack of responsible gun ownership. I have two small children, and in my state I am required to have two locks to access my weapons, one being the front door, and two my safe. If I leave a firearm accessible to my children and god forbid something happens, I will pay the consequences judicially as well as personally. If I am not carrying my weapon on me, then it goes in the safe. It is simply the responsible thing to do.

A child should never have the opportunity to confuse a real firearm for a fake one. Pink, purple, or black they need to be locked up or in the case of concealed carry permit holders, on your person at all times. If you think your safe takes to much time to access, purchase a biometric safe. People who cannot respect the importance of responsible gun ownership, should not own firearms, period, and those that are negligent, should be punished, to the full extent of the law.

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