Monday, March 4, 2013

Are We Going To Far?

According to the Indiana News today, a teacher is being investigated for a....well, complicated message. If you listen to parents that used to be students, it was normal for this teacher to act like this. The message read:

1. You are idiots!!!!!!!!
2. The guns are loaded!!!
3. Care to try me ?????????

Now, if we hadn't had all these random shootings, would this message be alarming? What did the teacher really mean? When I was in school, this message would have simply meant that we were going to be piled with homework and we had to make up for whatever we did wrong.

Apparently now, it means that he is having a meltdown and might shoot up the school that he has worked diligently at for 28 years.

Although they do not believe so, the cops are investigating this act to see if there was an alternative message within those words. But, when does this stop? When do we stop looking over our shoulder or trying to interpret every little thing that gets said??

Honestly, if a teacher was going to open fire on a classroom, the last thing they would do is publicize the act. It's like someone with severe depression and suicide issues, the ones that are in real trouble are the quiet ones. Sure they may leave some letter or write in a diary to explain it all, but they aren't going to tell someone beforehand. That would defeat the purpose.

Of course, this isn't to say it never happens or to condone any such act.....but it is to note, that a person's personality should be taken into account... Whether or not the person has made claims like that in the past with a separate meaning....

Anything is possible, but acting like every individual is the enemy doesn't help, it just creates a giant snowball of panic...

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