Friday, March 15, 2013

Kansas is Being More Supportive About Self-Protection

It just keeps getting better and better. The more the federal government tries to manipulate our Second Amendment rights by force, the more our individual states through up barriers. Several states have started legislative action to include weapons in different areas as the prospect of protection weighs against the massive criminal acts we have seen.

Now, Kansas has joined the group. Both HB2055 and HB2052 passed the Kansas House of Representatives this week.

HB2055: This bill passed with an 84-38 vote and is very interesting in the least. In layman's terms, it dictates that any building with inadequate security will allow citizens with concealed carry licenses to provide self-protection. If public buildings are unsure about allowing this then they can set up a checkpoint to ensure NO ONE can enter with a weapon. On the hand they don't want to spend the extra funds to provide that security measure, then law abiding citizens can provide their own security.

This measure is set to reduce the zones that are often targeted because they are deemed 'gun-free zones' but don't actually have any security in place to ensure that a criminal doesn't get in with a weapon.

HB2052: This is the bill that many will be able to breathe a sigh of relief about and it passed with a 121-2 vote! How many times have you seen a story about someone defending themselves with a gun and being prosecuted because they did so? If you ask me, too many to count. Thus, this bills says that any citizen to discharge a firearm legally, while hunting or during self-defense, CAN NOT be prosecuted!

How refreshing is it to know that now you can defend your family from harm without winding up in cuffs afterwards? (If you reside in Kansas, that is.)

Check out more information at NRA-ILA.

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