Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gun Control is Beyond Legislation

I may have been away from the computer for awhile, but I wasn't away from the news and what's going on. I have noticed one thing for sure, this debate is no longer just about legislation. It has entered the wide world of political interpretation. What is this, you ask? It's where politicians mince words in order to achieve greater results. How can we tell this?

Well, because the advocates for the legislation are not calling it 'gun control'. According to Mark Glaze (Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns) "We find that it's one of those terms that has some baggage. We talk about gun violence prevention, because that's what it is." While he may be right about the 'baggage,' how can he compare gun violence prevention to this legislation?

If it was about the prevention of violence with guns, they wouldn't pass guns out to illegals in an attempt to find gun smuggling rings. If it were about prevention, why would they stop with just certain types of guns? Why not go further? I don't think they have quite thought that far ahead. If they did, they might realize that the terms 'gun violence prevention' carries it's own baggage and allows for wide interpretation.

If they get this legislation through the door and passed, then what will stop them from passing 'gun violence prevention' laws again? Who's to say that next they will determine regular pistols to be needing 'violence prevention' laws?

At least with the NRA and the groups like us, our words aren't open to interpretation. If you ask someone like me what I think about these 'gun violence prevention' measures, I'm going to tell you it is simply an imposition on our rights.

I'm going to say that no matter how you word it, it will still be a control issue because you are taking away from the constitution, the very WORDS we built our foundation on.

In my opinion, it's time for the legislators to ignore the words that will get you re-elected and start taking your job into consideration. It is your job to protect our Constitution, not destroy it.

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