Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Unwarranted Attack on AR-15s

So the truth is out there. The mass shooting that shocked the American people and paved the way for the Obama Administration's anti-gun agenda was NOT carried out with the AR-15 that so many news reports claimed. It was in fact carried out with several (not just one) handguns. That's right. We all heard speculation and mixed reports but NBC has gone on the record admitting that Adam Lanza did not use what the government calls a "military style assault rifle."

So that leaves me with the question, what gives? Surely the Obama Administration knew the facts long before the American people. With that knowledge in hand, what basis do they have for renewing an assault weapons ban? Going even further, knowing that Lanza used multiple handguns, what good would a magazine capacity limit do? If they are using past shootings as the basis for their argument, then why so much focus on Sandy Hook?

Everything about this horrific tragedy was turned to politics in a matter of hours. Yet as the dust settles and the reality of the event becomes clear I can see, and I hope the American people can see that this was Obama's second term agenda all along. When he was reelected he knew he would never have to face the voters again. His mission here is not to make the American people safer, or to even make the American people feel satisfied with his steps. His mission is to violate the second amendment and the Constitution of the United States of America no matter the cost.

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