Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finger Pointing in the Media to Villify Pro-Gunners

My cousin recently posted on Facebook denouncing the conspiracy theories buzzing on the internet and expressing his frustration for the people choosing to believe in any of the insanity. It got me thinking, and then later I saw articles posted by the media that basically pointed fingers at pro-gunners strictly because the main commonality surrounding all the conspiracy theories seemed to be gun control. As a person who believes in our second amendment right and who openly expresses their feelings about said right, I find the accusations frustratingly grotesque.

I will be the first to admit that there are pro-gunners out there who take their beliefs to extremes and will stop at nothing to protect that right. Some of them may very well be responsible for some of the conspiracy theories. However your average run of the mill American citizens who believe in what our forefathers wrote in ink when they drafted the Constitution of the United States of America are like anybody else. We simply believe that our right to bear arms should not be infringed. Just like the bill of rights states. We don't twist media reports to produce false conspiracies to serve our agendas. We stand up, we urge our politicians to protect the American way. We speak up when people challenge our beliefs. We aren't violent and we are law abiding.

Just as is the case with leftist anti-gunners it isn't fair to group everyone in the same category. There are anti-gunners who voice their distain for the second amendment and have no problem violating the constition to take away all rights. There are even some that will resort to violence when a pro-gunner expresses their views openly. Not all pro-gunners are created equally, and not all of us are gun hugging nuts, hiding in the shadows waiting to go to war with the government.

There are millions of gun owners and second amendment supporters that are sickened by the way Washington has politicized the Sandy Hook tragedy. Using kids to achieve an agenda of the Administration is not acceptable. The media reporting stories with wild misrepresentations of the truth is also making us furious. When push comes to shove however, the majority of us will battle Washington the right way. With our voices, not our ability to fabricate truths like the mainstream media.

So as you read the media reports and accusations being distributed over the net. Stop to think about the agenda the reporter or agency is trying to serve. Understand that not everything you see in the news is absolute. There are very few news outlets left that actually report the facts alone.

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