Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where is America?

Written by: Samantha Blount

Each and every day most of us walk through life not thinking about the threats that are among us. At least not until that threat hits close to home. But, what happens when someone we love gets hurt? Do we stand by or do we prepare ourselves for the next attack? These are the questions we must ask ourselves.

The arguments in front of Congress right now, are futile to say the least. When America started, very smart men came up with a Constitution to keep the ‘Leaders’ from overstating their boundaries while also keeping the constituents in line. Everyone agreed because it was best for all parties and thus the ‘United’ States went into action. We were built working together.

Today, we must start to wonder where the ‘United’ has gone. Today, Wednesday Jan. 30th, the NRA went to support our rights against Congress. The arguments today are only around because of the tragic events surrounding our children. While these were travesties that can never be undone, weapons were not the reason behind it. ONE person committed this act, a gun cannot shoot itself.

Some will still disagree with this, saying that the massacre would have been less if he didn’t have a certain weapon or ammo. Truth be told, we can’t say this. Think about it this way, have we not outlawed drugs? What happened with those? Oh, that’s right, they are still on our street and corrupting our children. How can we throw guns out to Cartel members, but take away the lawful right to own them legally?

The moral of this, if we can’t stop it illegally then how can our legal protection be taken away?

This reaches further than the 2nd Amendment, this could be the beginning of the end.

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