Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sign the Petition: Protect Your Rights to Bear Arms

During my browsing of the internet for new material, I came across a petition started by a guy named Tanner Larsson. Like me, he too believes that our right to keep and bear arms is in jeopardy of being attacked by Washington's anti-gun politicians. As of this morning he sent out an email saying he had a total of 17,000 signatures. It is his goal to get that number up to 100,000 before sending it to congress.

This petition is something that I strongly beleive in. The NRA is our biggest voice in our capital and the strongest defender of our second amendment rights. However when an opportunity like this arrives in which we can stand up and shout even louder, it is our responsibility to speak up.

Take a moment to stop by his website and sign the petition. Help Tanner and the other 17,000 current signers tell President Obama that this is not his decision! Our forefathers gave us the right to keep and bear arms and that shall never be infringed.

Sign the Petition, CLICK HERE!

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