Friday, January 11, 2013

Lying Their Way to Gun Control

I came across a blog today by the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence. As I read an article posted by them I found many errors in their statements and grew frustrated with their baseless claims. I dug a little deeper and read more on the blog. I found their blog description rather disturbing as they discussed how victims and survivors of gun violence are often targets of harassment, intimidation, and violent threats by pro-gun activists. Now I don't know about you, but that really bothers me. Sure there are plenty of real wack jobs out there that take things to the extreme but they are not a good example of the millions of responsible gun owners and other Americans who support the second amendment. I will say it is frustrating, to constantly turn on the TV or get on the internet and find hundreds of crazy leftists hell bent on taking away our guns, twisting the truth, and outright lying to serve their midguided agenda.

Let's look at the one article in particular that I found on this blog during my Google search. The title of the article "Pro-gun Activist: "If it'll keep me free, I'll kill 30k Just Myself" sounds extreme right? It is. This guy he is talking about made a heartless statement that I don't agree with. However as I read the article the question asked of him from the writer was loaded and intended to anger. The writer asks "So 30,000+ Americans have to die each year so you don't become a 'slave'? Is that about right Anthony?"

To which he responded "30k? If it'll keep me free I'll kill 30k just myself."

Now as I stated before I do not agree nor justify what this person said. But looking at just the facts I went to the FBI website and looked at the hard data. In 2011 there were 12,664 murders, of those 8,583 were the result of a firearm down from 10,129 in 2007. A far cry from the 30,000+ killings the authors claims to exist.

This just goes to show the lengths at which anti-gunners will go to instill anger in the opposition. When frustration leads to outbursts they use that as ammo to spread their lies and agendas. To the average low information individual who pays little attention to the facts, it can cause misinformation and poor support decisions. I wonder of all the people that support disarmament in the United States, how many of those individuals are misinformed and have never seen the real data. How many know that violent crime is decreasing in this country despite what the media portrays. How in countries where gun control is strict, violent crime is higher than ever before. It's a real shame how far lies can take a cause, but we are witnessing it first hand.

FBI Expanded Homicide Table 8: 2007-2008

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