Monday, January 21, 2013

Enough Is Enough: States Protecting Their Own

Our country remains divided on the issue of gun control, but some states are putting their foot down and telling the federal government enough is enough. While states like New York and Massachusetts are passing even more restrictive anti-gun measures, Alaska, where guns and hunting are a massive part of their culture, is proposing that they refuse to enforce any new federal gun laws. Additionally the state is even considering charging any federal employee trying to enforce new laws with a misdemeanor.

It is critical that the states unify to show Congress and the White House that we will not tolerate any form of violation to the Constitution of the United States. Whether it be the Second Amendment or any other Amendment our rights are our rights. Tip toeing around law to get agendas passed is an unacceptable abuse of power. The founding fathers did not draft that document to be destoryed by extremist liberals with a false view on how to bring safety to our people.

If Obama truly wants a safer America he would focus his attention on the poor mental health system and advocate for firearms training programs. Instead of making our citizens scared of guns he would show them how responsible gun owners help make our country safe. He would stop spreading lies and start waking our people up to the real facts.

Unfortunately Hell would have to freeze over for any of this to take place. It is clear Obama does not support the Second Amendment. In fact it is starting to look like he has never even read the Bill of Rights. I can only hope more states will follow Alaska's lead and stand toe to toe in defense of unconstitutional laws.

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