Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cop Snaps: Kills Wife and Son Before Committing Suicide

I just read a heartbreaking news story about a 20-year veteran of the Las Vegas police force who shot and killed his wife and son before setting his house on fire and taking his own life. It got me thinking about all the new proposed gun legislation that is drowning our political system at the moment. One very obvious question came to mind. How would any of the proposed laws have protected this man's wife and child from their untimely fate?

Obama has proposed closing the so called "gun show" loophole and requiring that all firearm purchases, whether through an FFL or a private citizen. That proposal wouldn't have stopped this from happening. He has even proposed changes to improve access to the mental health system and in identifying individuals who shouldn't be allowed to have a firearm. Yet aren't police departments supposed to be able to pick up on officers struggling with mental health issues? I mean it is something that would play a huge part in their ability to perform their job properly. Chances are that wouldn't have made a difference either.

Let's look at a proposal other people are throwing out there. I've heard from many anti-gun advocates that police officers and soldiers are the only people who should have access to firearms. They claim this would make us safer. Now how would that have saved this woman and child? That's right, it wouldn't. The murderer was a police officer, someone who under this theory of thinking would still have access to a gun.

People who think that all murders can be stopped if we just implement enough law are imbeciles. The bottom line is our world can be a sick and twisted place. There are monsters everywhere that when in the right frame of mind will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. If murder is it, it will be done. Innocent law abiding American's deserve the right to protect themselves, because as this story shows, who protects innocent lives, when the police are the bad guy?

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