Monday, January 7, 2013

White House Considering Broader Gun Control

As we all have heard for years, the first step to gun prohibition (AKA confiscation) is gun registration. As Vice President Joe Biden and his "panel" of gun control advocates work diligently to "curb" further gun violence, it appears they are ready to take things a step further than just an assault weapons ban by establishing a national gun registration database that will monitor the sale and movement of firearms. It is becoming very clear where this administration stands on gun rights. They just don't care. They will tell the American people that these new laws will help protect us, but one has to wonder, will they really?

The panel is looking to establish a universal background check system for all firearms sales. This I can understand. We need to be enforcing the existing gun laws we have and by requiring a background check on all sales, including private, is a good step in doing just that. It would also allow us to track mental health backgrounds more efficiently so that we can keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous individuals like the Sandy Hook shooter. In all fairness however, the Sandy Hook shooter stole the firearms from his mother. Something a background check never would have been able to prevent.

Our government needs to step aside from the tunnel vision they are suffering from. Guns are not to blame for the increase in violence. We need to be looking at further measures than just tracking mental health backgrounds. We need to be working tirelessly to create a stronger mental health system that allows sick individuals to get the help they need.

Reuters reports that the White House has been in contact with advisors to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a well known gun control advocate. It is speculated that he could emerge as a surrogate to the administrations agenda. Why the White House is seeking advice from a mayor whose city is riddled with gun violence despite some of the toughest gun control policies in the nation is beyond me. The incompetence of our elected officials to accept blame for the failures of existing policies is unacceptable. They established a system, allowed it to fail, and now want to pile more restrictions on top of the already broken methods.

It's time we stop punishing the law abiding citizens for the actions of criminals. These new laws will not prevent bad guys from committing atrocities. A criminal will still find a way to get weapons and they will not register it with the government. There will be no background check and when they do kill somebody with it there won't wont be an address for the cops to go to to pick up the suspect.

In closing with over 300 million firearms already in private homes across the country, what makes this administration think they can register them all when they can't even enforce existing gun control measures already in force?

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