Wednesday, February 13, 2013

America Won't Lay Down Guns, Ammo Will Fall Victim

Let's face it, even as I get wound up when the thought of gun control comes up, Barack Obama will never have the support to pass the sweeping gun control laws that he claims will protect our citizens. What I mean by that is simple. This government will not be able to come after our guns. Confiscation will never take place so long as I am alive, or the millions of lawful gun owners for that matter.

So how after making all these promises to the minority of Americans that new measures will be taken to curb what Obama calls "gun violence," will he satisfy his promises? The concept is simple really. When the assault weapons ban is shot down and other legislation that attacks guns themselves proves impossible to pass the Obama Administration and his congressional cohorts will work tirelessly to regulate and tax ammunition and accessories.

Clearly a slippery slope in regards to infringing on our lawful right to keep and bear arms, but not quite unconstitutional, and the President knows it. The whole show the democrats are putting on right now is merely a ruse to make people think they are working on a solution. When people stop paying attention and tempers cool, the new ammunition regulations and taxes will slip in under the radar, and as always the GOP will cave to the democrats to prove bipartisanship and keep their seats.

As far as I am concerned, regulating the very thing needed to make a firearm function is nothing less than infringing on our rights to keep and bear arms. What good is a hollow 4-10 pounds of steel, aside from a club? Teetering on the constitutional line is extremely dangerous and shows how close our nation is to falling over a cliff we can never recover from. The 2014 mid-term elections will be a defining moment in protecting the second amendment. If the democrats win the majority in both the house and senate, they have proven they will stop at nothing to disarm our citizens. We have a little under two years to ensure that does not happen. Joining the NRA and supporting their work will help to ensure that the democrats don't destroy this great nation. Aside from that, we can only hope that Obama isn't given the opportunity before the end of his term to nominate a supreme court justice. We can not afford to have a gun hating elitist deciding the constitutionality of bearing arms.

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