Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Are We Just Repeating The Past?

How many of you have heard of the Brady Bill? It’s quite difficult to research, probably because it didn’t work as well as the government wanted. With this bill, sheriffs were asked to enforce background checks all over the country.

How well did that work?

Obviously, it didn’t. Some courts had decided that the Brady Bill was overstepping its boundaries. So, if this bill didn’t work out, why are we trying to do this again? It’s only causing a greater argument between the people then it’s worth.

States are even promoting State laws that will keep the federal government or federal officials from enforcing any gun regulations in the state. One of these gutsy states, is Arizona. They know that this is a long shot and that it will be difficult to uphold the state’s ruling versus federal, but they are willing to take it on. Not because they want a legal battle, but because the people of Arizona have asked for this to happen.

Within the last couple of years we have had several changes in the legal systems. How many of these laws have actually made a difference? The Feds still are against Marijuana but there are several states that now consider it legal. Either fully or for medical purposes. The Feds are not taking any action there.

So, who’s to say that the Feds won’t just give up on this as well? How many states are willing to go the same distance that Arizona is? If this is only going to cost us more time and money, what is the point?

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