Monday, February 4, 2013

The Media's War on Guns: Are You a Victim?

With Obama's push for more extreme gun control measures at full swing and the media now reporting on every American shooting they can get their grimey little fingers on, I'm left wondering. Will the illusion that our streets are less safe today then they were before Sandy Hook, essentially blind side the right to keep and bear arms?

The media is using fear tactics to try and scare the American people into believing that less guns equals less death. The less informed citizens are easily swayed by the media and take their reporting at face value. Through the Sandy Hook tragedy we witnessed first hand how irresponsible the media can be in reporting inaccurate information. Even worse, when they do recant their original statement and replace it with the accurate intel, they don't focus the same attention on correcting their mistake as they did in their initial report. Therefore people are left believing fallacies. An example, despite major outlets reporting that they were wrong when they said the Sandy Hook shooter used an AR-15 in his mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, but rather used several handguns, the majority of American's still believe the initial report. Hence the attack on semi-automatic rifles. This could be in part a result of our elected officials push for strict gun control and unwarranted bans on certain firearms, yet it is a complete bait and switch.

Now I'm not claiming that all news agencies are left leaning democrats. But the scales are definately tipped in the wrong direction. How many other political agendas have been pushed through Congress right before our eyes using the same dirty tactics and outright lies that is occuring right now?

Anybody who does a little research on guns in the news will stumble upon a few articles from Chicago and Massachusetts where gun control is stronger than anywhere else in the nation. Yet despite having these repressive laws on the books, gun violence is out of control. How can that be? If the mantra less guns equals less death, then these laws should single handedly be driving gun violence into the ground. But they're not. They aren't working because these laws do nothing to stop criminals from finding guns and using them during their crimes. Some politicians will claim if we make it even tougher for legal citizens to aquire guns it will make it that much harder for criminals to get them. Let's be real, only a fool would believe that. Drugs have been illegal in this country for decades, yet the war on drugs proves those laws do little to stop criminals from distributing drugs inside our borders. Those laws ban everyone from buying or selling these substances, so how can we have a drug problem at all if laws stop criminals?

If you are one of the people wondering why it seems like there are so many shootings this year compared to years past, then the media is getting to you. Guns are no more a problem today then they were in the past. Gun violence has been decreasing for years and despite what liberals will tell you we are far safer as an armed society than not. The minute criminals realize that law abiding citizens won't fight back, not only will gun violence increase, but every other type of violent crime will increase with it. America doesn't need thousands of more rapes, assaults, and robberies a year. Our citizens don't need the government to control every aspect of our lives. Obama now controls our healthcare, he can leave our guns the hell alone.

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