Sunday, February 3, 2013

Proper Security Can Help End The Violence

There it is, another school shooting…On January 31, 2013 at Price Middle School in Altanta, one child opened fire on another. Well, their ‘suspect’ is a child anyways. Luckily, there weren’t massive damages this time. But, unfortunately one child was hurt and had to be taken to the hospital due to a bullet wound.

What was the difference from this shooting and all the others?

Once you have all the information, it’s not hard to surmise WHY. There was an armed officer ready to take the situation head on. Now, the articles are not clear whether the officer was working at the school at the time, or showed up shortly after. But, it does show that IF we had the ability and the training in our schools then there would be less damages.

Which is the biggest concern, isn’t it?? Some think that providing classes on self-defense and gun handling for our teachers is an ‘un-called for’ plan. Well, let’s put this in perspective with lives and our schools funding.

What happens when we enroll our kids in school? We, as parents, have a long laundry list of supplies we must provide. EVERY YEAR this list gets longer because the schools can’t fund them and neither can the teachers. This year I even found myself buying reams of printer paper because the school couldn’t provide it. If they can’t afford the supplies, then how are they going to provide the security our children deserve?

The Government isn’t going to clear the way to fund for the protection they need. So, naturally the cost is going to fall on us as parents. If I am going to pay for them to make copies then I expect all other money to be put to use wisely. And if that includes providing PROPER gun handling classes for our teachers, then why not??

All it takes is ONE person to make the difference, ONE person to put a stop to the violence!

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