Friday, February 1, 2013

Guns Can Save Just As They Can Hurt

Guns can kill, there is no question about that. But, if they kill for the right reasons does that still make them bad? Recently Good Morning America (GMA) covered a story about a Georgia Mother that had to use a gun to save her and her children. She was at home alone with her children when the home invasion occured, at which point she took the children to the attic. Calling her husband on the phone, she waited in hopes that the perpetrator would not find them.

As the call resumed, he proceeded to break through two doors on his way to finding them. When he came through that door, she followed her husband’s pleas and shot the man several times in the face. While this did not kill him, it did make him run.

When we call for the removal or restrictions of guns, we don’t think about how many times they have saved us. If the weapon is used correctly, by a person in the right state of mind, it’s not a weapon it’s a savior. Had that mother not been able to use a gun, who knows how close that man (prior arrests for battery) would have brought them to irreparable harm.

Physical harm is not the only endangerment in these cases. The family may still suffer from some anxiety, but since she was able to adequately protect her children chances are she will recover much faster. This is the EXACT reason why Deans tell young college women to take self-defense classes. If you feel you CAN defend yourself then you will be more likely to physically protect yourself.

This isn’t going to say that everyone should carry a concealed weapon. But, for those of us that are responsible with them, we should still be able to continue collecting or using them.

The Georgia women’s husband said it perfectly, “Her life is saved and our kid’s lives are saved. That’s all I have to say.”

You can see GMA’s full story here:

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