Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Violence Committed by a Person With a Gun

I believe the term "Gun Violence" to be ridiculous and inaccurate. A gun is simply a machine incapable of operating on it's own. The real fault lies in the individual or individuals using the firearm in an unlawful manner. We don't have a gun violence problem in this country, rather we have a violence problem. If liberals want to label it anything different then they should be calling it "violence committed by a person using a gun." There is no model of firearm to blame for any of the tragedies that have struck this nation over the years. Aside from the individuals themselves who committed these atrocities, the blame lies on existing gun laws, or rather law enforcements ineffectiveness at enforcing them, and our extremely poor mental health system.

Veterans suffering from the tragic reality of war return home from warzones across the globe, receive mediocre treatment, and are thrown out into the real world to deal with their PTSD alone. Drugs are prescribed to millions of Americans, some linked to suicides, to treat people without the care of a psychiatrist. Mental health is looked at by many as taboo and ignored, leading to violence and even mass shootings.

When will people wake up and focus their efforts on improving the real problems and stop labeling the 99.9% of gun owners who are law abiding, productive citizens as "crazies?" Yes you are the government, but believe it or not, you don't always know what is best for us. Let the gun sales following President Obama's gun control announcement do the talking. You think because background checks in January decreased by 10% it means we are starting to agree with you? Not quite, the shelves are bare. If there are no guns to buy no background checks are being done. People are turning to private sales and gun shows to get what they need. It's ironic isn't it.

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