Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joe Biden: The Shotgun Salesman

In a classic example of proving just how out of touch Vice President Joe Biden is with reality, during a interview with Parent's magazine, he told mothers to buy a shotgun. Several times actually.

"If you want to protect yourself, get a double-barrel shotgun," he said during the interview. He then went on to say that AR style rifles are not good home defense weapons as they are "harder to aim, harder to use, and you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun."

The interview became even more ignorant when he advised people to load the double barrel shotgun if there is ever an issue, go outside, aim it in the air and fire two blasts. He then guranteed that anyone trying to get in wouldn't after hearing that.

So lets get this straight, a man, whose family is protected by round the clock secret service agents, is advising us normal citizens, to irresponsibly fire shotguns into the air? Mind you it is illegal to discharge a firearm within so many feet of a dwelling all across the country. I think the safer alternative, would be to attempt to retreat, and when all else fails, identify your target and if in fear of your life take action.

Who is Biden to tell us how many rounds we need to protect ourselves or our families in our homes? Who is he to tell us that we don't need a particular firearm, a shotgun will do? It's a guarantee that Joe Biden will never have to use a firearm in his lifetime to defend himself, because the taxpayers are paying to make sure other people have to do that for him. I would rather have more than enough ammunition to stop a threat then be dead or lose a child or my wife because our Vice President thinks I'm too ignorant to know what is good for me.

This man has no sense of responsible gun ownership, gun usage, or how to use a firearm for self defense. He clearly has no clue how things are in the "real" world and has no business heading any gun control talks anywhere.

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