Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stand Up and Fight

It amazes me watching the media coverage of the gun control debate just how one sided the reporting is. It has never been clearer to me just how far left most of the big outlets are and as a result I have removed many of them from my watchlist. The days of fair and unbiased news is long past. Our country is at a crossroads. We can stand back and watch as the liberal media brainwashes the next generation of Americans or we can stand up and fight for the inalienable rights we as citizens are supposed to be entitled to. Our voices must be heard, because if we don't speak out, nobody will. The newest threats towards our Second Amendment rights are just a small injustice in a series of countless others.

President Obama may have been elected by the people, but it was far from a majority. In fact to prove my claim of biased media, when Gerorge W. Bush was elected by a similar margin the democrats cried foul. They demanded recounts and they never let President Bush and the Republicans forget that he did not win by much so therefore much of the country did not support him. The media played this out his entire term. Now that Obama has won by similar numbers the Country has spoken according to the media. As a whole we supposedly want what Obama has to offer. I say bull. The very narrow win shows that Obama's agenda lacks the support he likes to think America needs. He may have fooled the majority by hanging with celebrities and lying, but he will not jeapordize the safety and security of our citizens by playing from the same deck of cards.

I urge everyone who may know others who either dont pay intention or simply fall for the propaganda on television to educate them. Wake them up from their brainwashed slumber. Make it known that if we don't take a stand now, we may never recover. Our country is at risk of imploding at the hands of democrats and the far left. Without our rights, without our constitution, America will be nothing more than another country ruled by a dictator. It's already started. First he tells us we must have health insurance, then he says we don't need guns. Next it will be what food we can eat, what TV we can watch...when does it end.

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