Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grossly Ignorant School Policies Lead to Suspensions

In an outrageous display of school policies taken way too far, a Poston Butte High School student in Florence, AZ was suspended from school for have nothing more than a picture of an AK-47 laid a top a flag set as his school issued laptop's wallpaper. There was no violent depictions of people being shot, nobody was being killed, it was simply a picture of a single gun and a flag.

The freshman student, Daniel McClaine Jr, said that a teacher spotted the picture and turned him in. The school responded initially by suspending him for three days.

ABC 15 reported that because the laptop was school property, district policy prohibits "sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures" as well as accessing, sending, creating or  forwarding pictures that are considered "harassing, threatening, or illegal."

Daniel says the picture does not harass or threaten anyone, and I for one agree with him.

When the school was contacted by ABC, school officials backed down and allowed Daniel to return to school.

This isn't the only case of insane school policies at work in our country. Students as young as 5 and 6 are being kicked out of school for making fake guns with their hands, to bringing pink bubble machines with a pistol handle to school, and even imaginary grenades. School officials nationwide, as well as the left's gun control advocates are attempting to scare our youth into submission to their will. They are effectively training them at an early age to either agree with their views or be punished. We are witnessing manipulation at it's finest and I say it needs to stop. Instead of teaching our kids that everything about guns is bad, we should be teaching them about guns in a responsible manner. Children that grow up with a respect for firearms are certainly going to become safer citizens. To keep kids away from guns all together only increases their curiosity and desire to get their hands on them, and that can lead to disaster.

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