Monday, February 4, 2013

Capitalize on Another Tragedy Mr. President, it's Your MO

Many of you most likely know by now that Chris Kyle, author of "America's Deadliest Sniper, and a decorated ex-member of seal team 3 was gunned down at a Texas gun range while trying to help another veteran who suffered from PTSD. With him his neighbor and good friend also perished as a result of the shooting.

There is no doubt that President Obama will use this tragedy to push his anti-gun agenda even further and try to use it to validate what he has felt all along. Unfortunately as I look at this terrible event I see one thing above all else that failed Chris, and the alleged shooter, mental health problems. As Obama tries to persuade American's to fork over even more of their constitutional rights for what he claims is the good of the country he will claim that his proposals will help people get better access to mental health treatment. He will say whatever he needs to, in order to grasp as much support as he can. But I ask you, is this really about better healthcare for the mentally ill, or is this really about Obama's utter hatred for guns? I assure you his proposals will do little to increase mental health treatment, but it will surely label hundreds of thousands of American's as mentally unfit to own a firearm and pit doctors against patients. Once that label is stuck to them, good luck ever getting it removed, even if it was just a temporary mental break.

I can say with certainty that Chris Kyle would not approve of the unconstitutional disarming of American citizens. The very Constitution he and his comrades fought for are in jeopardy. Obama capitalizing on this just as he did the Sandy Hook tragedy is going to be a sick demonstration of the democratic parties lack of morals. They will smear Chris Kyle's name and everything he worked for to fight for an agenda that goes against everything that America stands for.

It's time America treats its veterans like the heroes they are and provides them with the healthcare they need to move on from the grotesque brutality that our government subjected them to. It's not time to strip them and everyone else of the rights guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution. Surely our forefathers are rolling in their graves.

R.I.P. Chris Kyle. Thank you for your service to this country. You will never be forgotten.

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