Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Rant: Smoke and Mirrors

Let's stop and reflect on what is going on, politically, as it pertains to the Second Amendment. Lawmakers at the state and federal level are pushing relentlessly to get new, restrictive gun control measures passed that they say will help protect the American people. Gabrielle Giffords, a former congresswoman and victim of gun violence herself, has alongside her husband Mark Kelly created an anti-gun lobby to fight the likes of the NRA and GOA. Tragedies are being used as political ammunition to support baseless lies. If we want to sum it all up without listing everything, the American people are being duped, plain and simple.

Take Gabby Giffords for example. As she pushes congress to act on new gun legislation she is gaining support through pity. If she can't see it, I can. People who pity her for the devastating injuries she sustained at the hands of a lone gunman, back her agenda because they feel sorry for her. What does an assault weapons ban have to do with her shooting? She was shot with a Glock 9mm. What does an assault weapons ban have to do with Sandy Hook? That shooter used multiple hand guns. Better yet, what would background checks on all gun sales done to stop Sandy Hook. The shooter was denied purchase of an assault rifle prior to the shooting. He was forced to steal his mother's gun, only after murdering her in cold blood.

Many Americans are under the impression that violence committed by a person with a gun, yes I said it, is out of control since Sandy Hook. Really the media giants who support the democratically insane are simply covering more shootings then ever before to make it appear like America is sliding downhill. Ask yourself though, in the last 3 months, heck in the last year, how many news reports have you seen about a law abiding citizen preventing a crime with the use of a firearm? Not nearly as many right? When in actuality the number is extremely high. However the media won't cover those stories because they do not support their agenda.

This whole ruse by Congress and the media is nothing but a bunch of smoke and mirrors. As politicians waste their time arguing and debating a mute issue, one that can be shown does not reduce gun violence and in fact in some countries has resulted in more gun violence, our nation's debt issues continue to go undiscussed. If our government cannot get their fiscal responsibilities under control, what right do they have telling us how to live our lives.

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